The Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips unleash Live Rarities
by FutureHeart

The Lips are set to live début at least FIVE (probably many more) songs - including ”This Here Giraffe” ( ”It’s Summertime” Heady Fwends collabs and classic rock covers. They also working on an unidentified song from Zaireeka (their 1997 album consisting of four CD to be played simultaneously). And get this – it looks like Steven Drozd will make a partial return to playing drums in concert!!
If they play “Be My Head” – as teased on twitter – it will be the first Transmissions from the Satellite Heart song played since 2008 excluding show staple “She Don’t Use Jelly” (only two other cuts from that album have been played in the past decade: “Plastic Jesus” and “Slow Nerve Action”). But most of all, it can not be overstated how rare it will be if the Lips play “This Here Giraffe” – especially if Drozd takes to the drum stool. Of Cloud Taste’s Metallic’s 13 tracks, only three have been played after 1996 (“Bad Days” and “Lightning Strikes The Postman” – both most recently in 2009 – and “When You Smile” but not since 2000). “This Here Giraffe” and two others Clouds cuts have never been performed live! Again, there’s nothing indicating these songs will be played at this specific show, but it’s worth getting exciting over the suggestion they’ll play all these songs over the course of the eight shows on this day.
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