The Flaming Lips

5."Children of the Moon" (featuring Tame Impala)
by FutureHeart

Tame Impala recorded with The Flaming Lips at Tarbox Road Studios - a song called "Children Of The Moon" on the Lips new "Heady Fwends" collabs double album out today! The song was originally written with Deerhunter/ Atlas Sound's Bradford Cox in mind....
Watch in the attached video. That's lead Impala kevin Parker playing guitar...

Wayne Coyne recently commented about Parker's enthusiasm for the project, “A lot of people are really into it. Kevin from Tame Impala needs to bleed and is like, ‘No one will come and do it for me. Is it OK if I cut myself?’

Wayne's not being dramatic and there's a March 27th Tame Impala status update to facebook to prove it. It seeks help "extracting blood... so that i may give it to a deranged psych rocker to put INTO his band's album"...




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  Jan 27, 2015

The Children of the moon video shared in the page is very interesting. I would like to listen to ore songs from Heady Fwends. The parts of tame Impala were awesome. I have bookmarked the page so that I can visit Flaming lips again.
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  Feb 6, 2015

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