The Flaming Lips

9."Do It!" (featuring Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band)
by FutureHeart

All photos in this video are by Daniel Huffman - aka psych-electronic musician New Fumes. Each of the 2000 limited edition Flaming Lips/ Plastic Ono Band 12" records were personally made by him. As documented in his photos shown in this video, every copy is a one-of-a-kind, multi-color design. 600 of them glow in the dark.
Huffman also made the 20,000 vinyl "Heady Fwends" record released today featuring the re-release of this track, "Do It."
Check out New Fumes' work at and follow him at!/NewFumes (also, he offers a free download at,

This song was originally released on the Lips/POB 12" EP at New Year's Freak Out #5 and was the final of the Lips (almost) monthly 2011 releases.
Yoko's official post on the release - including a digital stream with better sound quality than any of the videos on YouTube, this one included - is here:

The A-side of the original POB EP featured 3 new songs: The Fear Litany, Do It! and The Brain of Heaven.
The B-side plays one track at 45 rpm, "Atlas Eets Christmas" - - which previously streamed on the Lips' Christmas music website
Both sides end with locked grooves.

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