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Is "Now I Understand" a Mash-Up of "First Time I Ever Your Face
by FutureHeart


Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne, “I would like to work with Beck, having worked with him the past, but he’s one of those guys where there’s too many people to go through. Most of the people I talked to, I talked to on the phone or texted myself. It’s like, Erykah Badu called me, and I called her back. That’s my main thing. I don’t wanna spend all year chasing contracts.”
“I wanted to do something with Erykah Badu. You have to remember I live in Oklahoma City. She lives in Dallas, which is about three hours away. My wife's sister also lives in Dallas and at one time lived in the same neighborhood as Erykah Badu. So I've been kind of secretly stalking her for a while with the thought that maybe she would allow us to do some music together. Well, she was working at a studio down there and I know the people at the studio and I said, "The next time she comes in, you've got to text me and let me see if I can talk to her." Well, lo' and behold, on my birthday, just a couple of months ago, on January 13, she texted me. "Hey, Wayne, it's Erykah Badu, Happy Birthday. Let's get together and make some music." I didn't realize it could be that easy. So, lucky for me, she got a hold of me and I said, "Let's do some music together," and within a couple of days, we were doing stuff.
“I talk with Erykah Badu all the time about doing some more music."
As of now Badu and Lips have only had one session together. In a few hours they recorded tracks for two songs together. One was a – as of now unused, perhaps destined for the vaults – funky jam; the other a cover of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face."
The song attached below, "Now I Understand," was put together afterwards – apparently on a whim, and somewhat of a joke – and quickly posted online by the band.
Note the opening line of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" – “The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes/ And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave”
Yep, the cover being released tomorrow on “Heady Fwends” contains the words Badu sings in "Now I Understand." Hmmm... is it stretching it to call “Now I Understand” a mashup of “First Time I Ever Saw” with chords reminiscent
of A Clockwork Orange's “Music For The Funeral of Queen Mary” (in turn taken from Henry Purcell)...


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