The Flaming Lips

Sep 9, 2012 - Dohney Days Music Festival

Dana Point, CA, USA



You guys need to come back to San Diego and play at Del Mar again! that's the only way some of us can afford to hang out with you guys! please?

  Jun 19, 2012

i was thnking the exact same thing i was waiting for the del mar website to tell us you guys were playing again in there, but it turns out youre not...if not in del mar, anywhere in the san diego area we miss you guys its been 3 years! too much..

  Jun 21, 2012

So crazy I come to check out the dates and lo and behold, 2 comments out of SD, I will 3rd these comments! Let me see if I can work magic and bring them

  Jul 1, 2012

You guys heard about this?

  Aug 16, 2012

I'll 4th that - swing through here and show us some luv in San Diego!

  Aug 13, 2012

I wonder what set they'll be doing. We caught the soft bulletin in Chicago. Would really love to see the Dark Side of the Moon.

  Aug 23, 2012
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