The Flaming Lips

Recent Live Photos
Free Press Summer Festival 2012 by TrishBadger
Party Till the Night by Sandwichking1991
Flaming Lips Panorama by Sandwichking1991
Smoke by Sandwichking1991
Michael in the Back by Sandwichking1991
Turk the Turtle Pt. 2 by Sandwichking1991
Terry the Turtel Pt. 1 by Sandwichking1991
Under the Rainbow by Sandwichking1991
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Recent Live Videos
Liverpool Sound City 2015 The Abandoned Hospital Ship by GarryBrough
Do You Realize? by JonV66
Not Really: Shine On Sweet Jesus: Jesus Song No. 5 by sydbarrett5
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate - Rock City Nottingham by GarryBrough
Flaming Lips Be My Head First Avenue Minneapolis by flaminglips505
Electric W├╝rms The Flaming Lips side project First by flaminglips505
The Flaming Lips Pilot at the Queer of God First Avenue by flaminglips505
Heart of the Sunrise - Electric Wurms - Psychedelic by TheGreenMan
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