The Flaming Lips

Recent Live Photos
by ajfree
Kamp's OKC by rocketjam
House of Blues, Orlando FL, circa 2011-2012. by spacecoast
Flaming Lips Scottsdale, AZ by CALE
Flaming Lips show at True Music Festival in AZ by CALE
Flips Artpark 7/17/13 by sketchyrick12
The Lich takes over. by talkingmountain
Flaming Lips show at OC Fairgrounds by CALE
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Recent Live Videos
Flaming Lips Indianapolis 2013 by flaminglips505
Flaming Lips Buku New Orleans 2014 by flaminglips505
Flaming lips yoshimi buku fest New Orleans by flaminglips505
Flaming lips Buku 2014 by flaminglips505
Happiness is a Warm Gun Beatles Cover NYE 2013-2014 by flaminglips505
The Flaming Lips with Sean Lennon - Lucy In The Sky by GeorgeSalisbury
Gates Of Steel (Devo cover) - San Francisco 2013 by michaelz
Flaming Lips 1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO, USA by flaminglips505
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