The Flaming Lips

  • 10-25-2014 Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Life Is Beautiful Festival
  • 11-9-2014 Reykjavík, Iceland
    Iceland Airwaves
Recent Live Photos
The Flaming Lips à Expo Québec by JeffK7
The Abandoned Hospital Ship by nigifagi
Bonnaroo 2014 by OTHRO
LOVE! Edinburgh! by stephenmitchell
Kamp's OKC by rocketjam
House of Blues, Orlando FL, circa 2011-2012. by spacecoast
Flaming Lips Scottsdale, AZ by OTHRO
Flips Artpark 7/17/13 by sketchyrick12
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Recent Live Videos
The Flaming Lips Pilot at the Queer of God First Avenue by flaminglips505
Electric Würms - Fixing A Hole by GeorgeSalisbury
Heart of the Sunrise - Electric Wurms - Psychedelic by TheGreenMan
Look the sun is rising until this here giraffe shows up by RandallBrown
The Flaming Lips The Pageant St. Louis 6/10/2014 by flaminglips505
Flaming Lips The W.A.N.D. St. Louis 2014 by flaminglips505
The Flaming Lips Look the Sun is Rising St. Louis 2014 by flaminglips505
The Abandon Hospital Ship live in St Louis by tonycrown
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