The Flaming Lips

Another old shirt... (back)
by theflaminglips


This is another fun shirt. It's from a one-off show in Noble, Oklahoma. This show was interesting because it was right after Jonathan quit the band and Jon Mooneyham was filling in on guitar. The band also had someone playing a cello onstage. It had to be one of the first shows that Steven played with the band.

It turned into just pure chaos - if I remember correctly - one of the opening bands, Glue, was performing and the drummer got busted in the mouth and lost a tooth. Blood everywhere... If anyone remembers this, please post something to confirm or deny.

The first band I ever saw Ronald Jones in, Snail, also performed. Not to mention our very own George Salisbury in his band Syringe!

If you like looking at the shirts, I'll keep posting.



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