The Flaming Lips

Embryonic Listening Station!
by theflaminglips

We have something quite special for the fans along the tour dates. We have our own listening station at our merch table that will be the VERY FIRST listen to the FULL album. That's right, the full play back of the brand new studio album EMBRYONIC at our live shows! This is exclusive to you, the fans! Sadly, this is limited to just the shows but more will be revealed soon!



We now have some thing pretty special for the followers along the visit days. We now have our very own tuning in stop on your merch table which will be the initial listen to the full album. That's right, all of the enjoy back regarding the fresh new facilities album EMBRYONIC on your concert events! This is exclusive to your account..
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  Mar 6, 2015

I really wanted to listen to the new album Embryonic in the listening station. Unfortunately, I was not able to get the chance. As it was limited, I could not be a one in the list. I am waiting for the release.
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  Mar 9, 2015
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