The Flaming Lips

by FutureHeart

Four previously unreleased Flaming Lips songs from their second cassette demo will be released this Friday.

The Lips are preparing three records to commemorate the band’s 30th anniversary out November 29th. Expect some copies of each to go on sale at select stores this week, with additional copies to follow in December.

1) First there’s a re-issue of their debut 12”, some copies being packaged with a chocolate skull and brain.
2) Then there’s a 7” of the Lips first demo tape (previously available as disc 1 bonus tracks on “Finally the Punk Rockers Are Taking Acid”). This is the only record of the 6 to not be officially announced to get a Black Friday it's still iffy...
3) Most notable is the release of the Lips second demo tape - never officially released in any form - on blue 7”. There’s 2000 copies, about 20 of which are being packaged with the group’s “Fuck You Frog.” This is an extremely rare tape recorded September 14, 1983.

The artwork, tracklists and more details for each of these three 30th anniversary releases is outlined here

In total there are six new releases for Black Friday (or sometime there after): three 12″ EPs, two 7″ EPs and one LP.

In addition to the three 30th anniversary records discussed above there’s also…
4) Peace and Paranoia (12″ split EP with Tame Impala with multi-color vinyl designs by New Fumes; for full EP stream and more details visit

5) Peace Sword (standard 12″ vinyl pressed in Germany and CD versions; for full EP stream and more details visit

6) The Time Has Come To Shoot You Down…What A Sound (Stone Roses debut LP remake officially credited to “Flaming Lips and Friends” and featuring New Fumes, HOTT MT, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Spaceface, Polica, Depth and Current, Def Rain, Peaking Lights, and Jonathan Rado of Foxygen; for album cover artwork, tracklist, track stream and more visit


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