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Five to produce Five HD on Sky

United kingdom terrestrial broadcaster Five would be to launch an HD funnel in This summer 2010, around the Sky satellite platform. Five had formerly mentioned that could not manage to provide Five in HD for that Freeview platform until 2012.

Five HD - the not so original but descriptive reputation for Five's new HD service - will require Sky's roster of HD channels dedicated to a Sky launch to 42.

Based on the Protector newspaper within the United kingdom, Sky's striving to possess 50 HD channels by Christmas 2010. Sky and Five HD - find out more around the Protector website here.

ITV HD on Sky - means more World Cup matches in HD for Sky HD customers sky tv

This announcement about Five HD comes hot around the heels from the news that ITV HD will shortly launch on Sky. The ITV HD news was particularly welcome as ITV HD is going to be showing World Cup matches from Nigeria in HD this summer time. And today ITV HD is going to be joining BBC HD - which may also be showing World Cup matches in HD, and also is on Sky. So Sky HD Box clients can unwind within the understanding the Word Cup is going to be an HD World Cup this year on their behalf.

Sky HD is Supertelly

Other HD channels not far off on Sky include Sky News HD, Sky Sports HD 4 and Hallmark Funnel HD.

Sky curently have a lot more available HD channels on their own satellite television platform. Their current HD funnel total is about 37, though as we view this really is growing. Sky will also be pushing High Definition Tv massively by:

no more giving Sky Plus boxes - rather clients obtain the Sky Plus HD Box (though to get most of the HD channels they need to sign up for the monthly HD pack on subscription)

pushing their branding of Supertelly, which aims to explain in a single word the colour, fabulous sounds and incredinble depth of Sky HD



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