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Schaye B – Trance Shamanic-pop song-writer
A talented singer, author, composer and musician, with a hugely recognizable voice heard on TV, radio and in countless movies throughout the world, Schaye B has played with legends of world, ethnic, soul, funk, and europeen pop music throughout the last 20 years mostly for the love of music and collaboration. Today, she is launching her own musical career.
With origins in Africa(Nigeria) and India (Calcutta), born from European mother, she grew up in France. Travelling, being a passion, she found herself living for three years in Scandinavia druing her later teenage years and then arrived in Paris and quickly was recognized for her voice to become "The young girl of the year of 1997". She launched a successful modeling and acting career, but the love of music brought her to music studios and on the stage for numerous collaborations. She worked the last 20 years in the severals studio, through a successful collaboration with "X-Tracks", for films like Blueberry, Doberman and so many others, as well as publishers like Chrysalis, documentarys and for several TV spots...
At the time of its multiple voyages undertaken since 2000, it was accommodated in various indigenous tribes and was initiated by women and men medicines with whom it began his “personal enthropology” what transformed its total perception, and thus its artistic expression…In 2005, she integrates the group " Ehecatl Ahal”, from Mexico, ,and during one year, this trio will occur on scene within a European tour… Their force and originality were revealed with through the experiment of spontaneous art, at the service of their engagement towards the earth and harmony beetwen people ! She also intergrated in 2007, the team of the show "Beachcombers", with the director "Vivian Vagh", and the composer Jonathan levine" as a musician, singer, actress and dancer... Now, Schaye B is ready to launch her own full career as an original creator. After studying with world musicians from Africa, Asia, Peru, Mexico, Gypsies from Spain, along with the wild and unexpected Paris underground Hip-Hop and Soul scene throughout several live clubs, she has created a completely original voice that shines and plays with all musical styles...
Unique, it enters your skin, then your blood, your heart and then your soul. It brings you into a universe through its trance of poetic chants, delicately poised with passion and spirit. Schaye B performs regularly on stage throughout Paris while giving workshops of "spontaneous songs", on opening and finding your voice through your personnal chants...
Today, she is currently developping an album, of trance-shamanic pop music, inspired from her multi-cultural background and experiences, invoking an incredible realm of real music in several langages. Look for the record to come out in 2012. She is available for Publishing and Record Label deals, as well as continuing work for movie soundtracks and live shows.
Schaye B is a voice and movements that will bring you into a world deep within, soothing your subconscious into a joyful peaceful place of dreams, landscapes, and wonders...



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