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I have loved The Flaming Lips since middleschool, when my cousin put Bad Days and She Don't Use Jelly on a mix CD for my birthday. I have since seen them 7 times, and have been a dancer on stage 4 of those times, always wearing my own costume to the show. In 2008, at Merriweather, I started as Wayne's Alien character from Christmas on Mars, and I was transformed into a Super Yeti. I was began the evening as Plastic Jesus, and became a GIANT Pink Butterfly at the 2009-2010 NYE Freakout. In 2010, when I went to Charlottesville dressed as a Telephatic Surgen, I was given a 12ft Inflatable Catfish suit which included a back-pack ventilation/air pump system. My smallest transformation was my most recent in 2012, when I came to Richmond, VA as a leopard, and danced as a Cowardly Lion!

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