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Simply - does lettings & management brilliantly. If it's residential, commercial, block management, leaseholder or even short lets.
Savings & improvements to client relationships will be instant, not to mention the priceless protection afforded by our constantly updated compliance model. Whether you are just starting a new venture and need help with legislation and administration, a large agency group looking to improve efficiency, streamline process and ensure excellence through best practice again and again, or as in the case of one of our clients a large franchise operation looking to deliver value with minimum support, through intuitive systems.

Gemini is the right product at the right price. Simply awesome, astounding depth, fully operational in 4 weeks - as you may have guessed these aren't our quotes, just some of the thousands we receive daily from our huge client base and as for the support records well it gets sycophantic but someone did once ask if they could have one of our engineers' babies, service was so good.

No need to take our word for it, after a completely free business analysis and demonstration of the functions of the software you will receive access to as many clients as you need for reassurance and also be provided with a full report detailing your challenges and best practice solutions. With Gemini & VTUK it's not all about the property software,it's about people and service.



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