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When Ultra Glow achieved international acclaim in 1982 for having developed the first ever 8 in 1 bronzing powder there were almost immediate requests for a longlasting lipstick to provide a complete make-up. After research with two laboratories the concept of a moisturising lipstain was developed. To complement the aspirational fun lifestyle image of the Ultra Glow powder the decision was made to present the stain in an innovative pH reactive colour palette. The pH sensitive formula works by changing colour on moisture contact with the level of change directly responding to the acidity level of the lips.

Initially introduced in two shades, green and yellow, the range was soon extended to 6 to include white, gold, silver and peach. Silver was later substituted for sand and French customers lobbied for blue and red to be added 10 years ago. We took another fun turn when we launched our limited edition Iced Fruits range.

For the last 5 years Ultra Glow has invested in the development of innovation to enhance both the performance and versatility of the magic lips product base. The five criteria that were sought were:

1. A new “orange” stain shade
2. A blending formula that carries a deep shade as well as a pastel option
3. Magic formulation extended into lipshine pastel
4. Conditioning and comfort base to a lipshine
5. To remove parabens.

All now achieved with the stunning new Illusion range!



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