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. Founder several arts organizations including ACE in Vancouver,B.C. which changed city zoning to legalize artist live-work studios. This empowered numerous artists and arts organizations and saved many heritage buildings.
.Created many models for funding arts and artists with an eye to sustainability and artrepreneurial thinking.
. Managed fundraising,events,PR,planning,projects for many arts organizations and artists via Blueprint.
.Created and produced 6 albums of original work including New Third World Trilogy. Songs recorded by many other musicians.
.Co-founded and managed design and fabrication studio in California with offshoot gallery (representing Canadian contemporary art and design primarily).
I am currently working on building the Chordata community,several long-term large-scale public arts projects,a new album (really priority # 1 along with keeping my dogs in kibble),participating online in social media including open discussions related to Arts and Science/Art and Tech/Arts and Evolving the conversation.



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