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I'm a husband, dad, hobbyist rock star and a communications specialist. I dig The Flaming Lips, Douglas Adams, Bonnie Prince Billy, White Denim, The Gourds, Cat Power, Einsturzende Neubauten, John Prine, science, humor, monkeys, space and humorous space monkeys. I'm in a band called Quartjar. If someone described me as a "stocky Michael Ivins," I'd be okay with that.

My buddy and I stumbled across the pink vinyl edition of "Here It Is" in a mall store called Record Bar in 1987 or so.We loved it, and his band did a cover of "Godzilla Flick" at a few shows.

It was harder (in my neck of the woods) to track down records back then, so I missed out on "Oh My Gawd" and "Telepathic Surgery" when they first came out. I caught back up with the Flaming Lips with "In a Priest Driven Ambulance" and I've stayed attentive since.

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